A Brush With Kindness Program

Habitat for Humanity’s Brush With Kindness program is a "health and safety" home preservation service that offers minor home repair services, installation of wheelchair ramps, rehabs, and special community collaboration projects. Homeowners are selected based on income, need, and ability to repay the cost of materials used. 

Brush With Kindness helps low-income homeowners struggling to maintain their homes due to age, disability and family circumstances to reclaim safety and peace of mind in their homes.

Volunteer labor is the core of the program, and we seek donated materials whenever possible. Homeowners pay a small deposit up front, based on the estimated cost of the materials needed to do the project. Labor is donated by a team of skilled volunteers while the final cost of materials is paid back by the homeowner in order to fund a project for another homeowner. No-interest, short-term loans may be available. 

Past Brush With Kindness projects include a renovation in partnership with the Plymouth Taskforce for the Homeless, major home additions and rehabs, stair and window repairs, and the installation of several handicap access ramps for homeowners who otherwise would have difficulty leaving the confines of their home. For those who cannot afford to make minor repairs, A Brush With Kindness is essential to keeping their living conditions pleasant and safe.

If you, or someone you know, qualifies for affordable housing, owns a home, and needs assistance with a spring cleanup or other minor projects, please call Lynn at 508-866-4188 to request an application. A Brush With Kindness goes a long way!

If you can help with occasional Brush With Kindness projects, please complete the below form:

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