2021 Board of Directors

  • Dennis P. Crimmins, P. C., President


  • Nicole Joy Hales, Vice President


  • David Drain, Treasurer

    Civil Engineer, retired

  • Dottie Kelley, Clerk/Secretary
  • Laura Buckley

    MassHire South Shore Workforce Board

  • Beth Davis

    Keller Williams

  • Donna Fernandes


  • Barbara Graveline

    North Easton Savings Bank

  • Rev. Greta MacRae


  • Genevieve Medeiros

    Gordian Corp.

  • Brenda Sutherland


  • Craig Vogel

    The Terrace@Harbourtown

  • Jonathan Wells

    Cape Cod 5


  • Jim Middleton, Executive Director
  • Donna Martin, Affiliate Administrator
  • Gary Miller, ReStore Manager
  • Amy Belmore, Director of Development & Outreach
  • Alexis Brickner, Social Media Manager

Committee Contacts

  • Church Relations - Open
  • Construction - Douglas Ballum
  • Family Selection and Support - Dottie Kelley
  • Finance - David Drain
  • Fundraising - Geni Medeiros & Craig Vogel
  • Public Relations - Nicole Joy Hales
  • Site Selection - Open
  • Special Projects - Open. Donna Martin Interim
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Donna Martin
  • Webmaster - Donna Martin

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plymouth is managed by a Board of Directors made up of volunteers drawn from the communities we serve. Board members serve limited, rotating terms. Committees focus on specific areas, such as construction or public relations, and conduct much of the business of our affiliate. If you would like to learn more about serving on the Board or on a Committee, please jim.middleton@hfhplymouth.org or call us at 508-866-4188 and let us know how you’d like to get involved.