Team Building with a Purpose

Habitat for Humanity provides a unique opportunity for people to pool their time and energy to make an invaluable contribution to our mission and the families we serve. 

An Unforgettable Experience

Your company team can reserve an exclusive construction weekday to work together toward a common and immediate goal, gaining personal and collective satisfaction. In the process, they will become directly involved in the fight against a major cause of poverty – the lack of affordable houses for hardworking, low-income families.

Building community is what Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plymouth is all about. Your colleagues will build team spirit and reap the personal reward of giving back. Bonds that form between volunteers on a project like this help to build long-term positive relationships that translate to the workplace. 

Participants will come away from this experience knowing they have truly made a transformative difference in the lives of our partner families.

Benefits & Takeaways

• Learn about fellow employees/members on a more personal level

• Interact with coworkers from all levels of your corporate or organizational structure

• Experience the satisfaction of seeing immediate results of your labor

• Strengthen team spirit & morale to bring back to the office

• Give back to the community that supports your business

• Align your business with Habitat’s well-recognized mission

• Help fund the building of much-needed affordable homes in the Greater Plymouth area

• Gain new skills & have fun!