Each and every day, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plymouth is dedicated to the mission of providing decent, affordable housing in our community. In recognition of the significant, destabilizing effects that COVID-19 has brought to so many residents in our area, HFHGP has created a new emergency rent relief program to help low-income individuals who have suffered job loss, wage reduction or medical hardship due to this pandemic and are having difficulty with rent payments. 

Through this program, entitled “Habitat Here & Now”, we will provide $500 - $1,000 in one-time financial assistance for low-income renting households, for the sole purpose of rent relief. 

All funds approved through this program will be distributed directly to landlords by HFHGP.  Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.. Evaluation will consider greatest need, with special consideration to households with children or disability. 

Funds are limited. We encourage all eligible residents to apply as early as possible. 

¿Habla español? Para más detalles, mira aquí. Para una aplicación, use este documento.


• Applicant must reside in a rented unit in Plymouth, Carver, Kingston, Middleboro, Lakeville or Plympton. 

• Applicant must have suffered job termination or wage reduction directly related to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis OR have COVID-19 related hardship (medical, childcare, etc) that prevent them from working. 

 • Applicants must submit a complete application, which includes:

            - Application form 

            - Rental agreement or lease

            - Proof of job loss OR proof of wage reduction (current pay stub and a pay stub from pre-COVID conditions) 

            - If applicable, description of medical issue or other coronavirus-related hardship 

            - Utility bill

• Applicant must be low-income qualified, according to HUD. Gross income can be no more than the following: 

                                  * 1 person: $47,600
                                  *2 people: $54,400 
                                  *3 people: $61,200 
                                  *4 people: $68,000
                                  *5 people: $73,450 
                                  *6 people: $78,900 



Click here to download an application. For those who can not download or print at home, please contact us for a mailed hard copy. 
¿Habla español? Para más detalles, mira aquí. Para una aplicación, use este documento.

• Email completed applications and supplemental material to support@hfhplymouth.org (Word, PDF or photos of pages acceptable). Email is the fastest form of submission and review but applications can also be mailed to: 

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plymouth, PO Box 346, Carver, MA 02330 

QUESTIONS: For questions or more information, please contact support@hfhplymouth.org or (508) 866-4188, ext 240. Email communication is preferred

This program is supported through a generous grant from the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts