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Involve Youth in Habitat for Humanity

There are many other ways to get young people involved in community service with Habitat for Humanity. From making welcome baskets for the families, to planting a tree, helping with mailings, or tutoring younger children of partner families, Plymouth County young people can get involved in making a difference through Habitat for Humanity.

Examples of youth participation:

Ages 5-7

  • Make a welcome basket for the homeowner family.
  • Stock the pantry for a new Habitat for Humanity partner family.
  • Draw greeting cards to be sold at a Habitat fund-raiser.

Ages 7-10

  • Draw messages or blessings on 2x4s before the house framing begins.
  • Plant trees or shrubs in the homeowner’s yard after the house is finished.
  • Make wooden key holders, picture frames, or doorstops from construction scraps.
  • Coordinate a birthday gift project for partner family children.

Ages 10-12

  • Speak to classmates about the mission of Habitat with the help of a homeowner family.
  • Construct & paint window boxes for housewarming gifts or as fund-raising items.
  • Help fold or stuff newsletters or mailings.

Ages 12-15

  • Write newsletter articles.
  • Paint doors and baseboards off site before they are put into the house.
  • Build picnic or lunch tables for the work site.
  • Tutor younger partner family children.
  • Provide babysitting for children of homeowners or volunteers.
  • Organize and serve meals to volunteer builders.
  • Talk to a partner family about how Habitat has impacted them. Write about their experience and publish one of their reflections in a newsletter.

Ages 16-18

  • This age group is allowed to do certain construction work. Everyone on a Habitat for Humanity construction site must be at least 18 years old or have an Habitat for Humanity, Plymouth County “Parental Consent and Acknowledgment” form signed by their parent or guardian and delivered to our office. No one under the age of 16 is allowed on a Habitat site during construction activities.

For more information contact:

Krista Vicich, Affiliate Manager
Habitat for Humanity of Plymouth County

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