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Holiday Cheer, 2015:

In December, the affiliate joined the Toys for Tots campaign at the East Bay Grille on December 4th where we were featured as part of the WATD broadcast of the Veterans Voice program. The event was a success for the Marine Corps Reserve who organize the annual effort, and Habitat friends gave a number of gifts for the children.

In November,  Cara Cipullo, Marketing Director of Mamma Mia’s, presented a donation check for $400 towards the Long Pond Road Veterans Homes, thanks to the successful Veterans Day event held at the Waterfront and Pinehills restaurants! 



Habitat for Humanity’s New Veterans Build Status, ReStore and Volunteer Opportunities in Plymouth

By Kara Lawson – Mass Realty
Posted December 15, 2014

You often hear about people who volunteer for Habitat for Humanity projects in far-away places like Uganda, Argentina, Romania or Sri Lanka, but perhaps less frequently about Habitat’s work in nearby communities. The Christian nonprofit currently has over 1,500 local affiliates in the US that are helping local communities solve the issue of poverty housing.

I recently learned about one of the affiliates in Massachusetts, Habitat for
Humanity of Greater Plymouth, and had the chance to connect with its PR Chair Teresa Dollfuss. She shared some pretty neat info about what the organization does plus three newsworthy items: the group’s new Veteran Build status, its discount ReStore and a recent collaboration with Habitat Homebuilt.

Please keep reading to find out what Teresa had to say and some of the different opportunities to get involved. Read More Click here

Town of Plymouth, Habitat for Humanity break new ground in veterans’ housing

Dennis Randall, Michael "Buster" Main, Gerre Main, Carol King and Steven Dubuque Wicked Local photo/Frank Mand.
Dennis Randall, Michael “Buster” Main, Gerre Main, Carol King and Steven Dubuque Wicked Local photo/Frank Mand.

By Frank Mand
Posted Nov. 26, 2014 @ 12:00 pm

PLYMOUTH – They didn’t let the rules deter them. They didn’t let the fact that it had never been done before discourage them. They didn’t take no for an answer. And, now, three needy veterans and their families will be able to have their own homes in the heart of America’s Hometown.

“It really began over coffee,” Plymouth resident Michael “Buster” Main recounted. “We were taking our coffee break and everyone was talking but this one guy, a guy who is usually raising hell about something, was dead silent.

“When we asked him what was up, he suddenly blurted out, ‘Goddamn V.A.,’” Main said, “then revealed that his nephew had taken his own life.” It was an all too familiar story.

Well educated, a young family man, everything seemed to be going well. But in order to advance in his chosen career, he thought he needed to get a master’s degree.
Like many Americans, though, the family’s credit was maxed out with old school loans, new mortgage, car, kids. It all adds up.
There was, however, a patriotic option that his company supported: the National Guard.
The nephew enlisted and, at first, saw only stateside assignments. But then the company moved him to the Midwest and before he had settled in he was assigned to a different unit, called up and shipped to Iraq.

He returned with the kind of wounds that aren’t visible to the naked eye, but are debilitating, nonetheless. Read More Click here


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