Building the community one house at a time.

Our Board

A lot of work goes into a successful non-profit organization. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge those who have put a lot of work into our ogranization.

Board of Directors

  • Drew Cook, President
  • Linda Gigliotti, Vice President
  • Doreen Bent, Treasurer
  • Dottie Kelley, Clerk/Secretary
  • Donna Martin, Recording Secretary
  • Teresa Dollfuss
  • Den Forbes
  • Shawn Gearin
  • Joanne Hamer
  • Liz Luiz
  • Tom Mudgett
  • Dennis Randall
  • Judy Randall
  • Arnold Thorell
  • Hannah Woodbury


  • Executive Director:  Jim Middleton
  • Manager: Krista L. Vicich
  • ReStore Manager: Gary Miller

Committee Contacts

  • Church Relations:  Open
  • Construction:  Douglas Ballum
  • Family Selection and Support:  Dottie Kelley
  • Finance:  Doreen Bent
  • Fundraising:  Nancy Morse
  • Marketing:  Open
  • Public Relations:  Teresa Dollfuss
  • ReStore: Shawn Gearin
  • Site Selection:  Carol King, Danielle Justo
  • Special Projects:  Allen Hanford
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  Donna Martin
  • Webmasters:  Judy Randall, Donna Martin

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